My Birthday.

Today is my 23rd birthday. Man, do I feel old...I know that I'm not, but still...
It was a quiet day today. Russ and I went to the mall, for about 1/2 hr. because it was so stupidly busy. Then Russ took me to Gabbana for supper, which was soo good!!! Then we went and bought a lemon cream shortcake, and watched the movie Billy Elliot (which is such a great movie!) My parents called from somewhere in Montana (on their way home from Texas), which was nice because I hadn't been able to talk to them for about 10 days. I really wish that I didn't have to work 7 open shifts in a row this week...it kind of puts a damper on my freaking out over how much stuff I have to get done before the middle of August...but...I also need the money so that I don't have move again...but yes. Today is my birthday, so happy birthday to me.

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