The concert last night was absolutely amazing!!!! It never ceases to amaze me just how talented David Usher is! Russ and I were standing right at the front, against the stage, just off center. In some ways, he sounds better live than recorded. There is just so power and range in his voice. They did three encores, which was great, and he didn't just do songs from the new album, but also a couple of Moist songs, as well as classics from his other albums, such as Black Black Heart, F Train, St Lawrence River, Blinded, and Alone in the Universe. Ahh...so so SO GOOD!!!! Of course, there were some morons there, and for the first 20 min, I was sandwiched between a sweaty fat chick, and a boney drunk chick who was actually leaning on me because she was having trouble standing up. Russ got a "backrub" by some creepy chick who was probably on E or something, and some creepy drunk guy half humped his leg...in an effort to hump the chick next to him, who was practically sitting on his hip. It was really cool standing in line, because everyone around us were also hardcore David Usher fans, and so we shared weird experiences from past concerts, like drunken dancing mommy at K-Days a few years ago, and the weird hippy old lady who was tripping on acid and dancing as one would have at Woodstock...it was so fun!! We were going to get our picture taken by the photographer for the website...but we were caught in the flow after the concert was over, and so left right away to avoid getting trampled. Luckily, our cab drivers were good and didn't get confused as to our destination. (Always stick to Coop Taxi!) All in all, it was an awesome night!!! Definitely worth the wait!!

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