I am officially (but temporarily) unemployed!! I couldn't stand the Cup anymore, so I quit this morning. I gave the owner notice so he could get my shifts covered, but I quit. I couldn't deal anymore. He was a little choked, but c'est la vie...My mental health thanks me! I'm financially alright because of student loans, so as long as I don't spend like an idiot, I'll be fine. I start at Save On on the 29th, but I dropped off about 10 resumes to various places in case I can find something that pays a bit more in the meantime...But if nothing comes up, I DO already have a job. I would have started last night, but the training class was full, so I have to wait for the next one. Oh well...
Moving is going alright, we are moving the bed, and all the essentials tonight because phone and power get switched over tomorrow, so we want to be living there...I'm so EXCITED!! I can't wait to get out of this crappy place...especially after we were parking Smegol, and the landlord yelled at us for parking in the parking lot, and we said that we live here and have the right, and he said, "You can't just go out and buy a car!!" We said, "Yes, we can. It's a free country. When we moved in, we told you that we were buying a car, and you said that's fine because there are no assigned spaces and room in the lot." There no longer is room in the lot because he is using a space to park his crappy Grand Cherokee with friggin' farm plates!!!! Who uses a CHEROKEE on a farm?? Especially since it's been parked in the city for about 4 months!! Argh. Stupid people bother me. A LOT.

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