Moving Moving Moving, Cass and Russ are Moving!!

Yes! Finally! We get to get out of this awful hole of a hovel!!! Nothing is finalized yet, but we are going to be moving into an apartment in my sister's building. The rent is $100 cheaper, including parking (designated parking, so no retards can threaten to get us towed because we are in "their" spot, even though there are no designated parking spaces...), the apartment is almost twice as big, its not a million years old, there is tons of storage, there isn't a freakin' crazy bowling ball woman with schitzophrenia living upstairs, it's bright, away from the Albany, and the landlords aren't CRAZY!! Yup...needless to say, we are pretty excited. What's even cooler, is that we can start moving in on the 10th, and they will only charge rent for the period of the month in which we actually have possession, rather than for the whole month. So, Russ got me hooked on this PS2 game called We Love Katamari, and in it you are an alien prince who has to roll things up into a giant ball because the king of the universe destroyed all the stars and you need to make new ones. Its hilarious, because as the ball gets bigger, you can roll up people, and animals, and buildings, and continents...yup...fun stuff.
I applied for a job at Coles books. I had always wanted to work in a bookstore and in a coffee shop. I have the coffee shop thing checked off, so next is the bookstore.
OOOoooooOOOo!! Also, after a long search, I FINALLY acquired my bright red Chucks!! They are surprisingly hard to find...there is a plethora of pink, black and white ones, but no red ones...but now I have some!!! Yay!! Things are looking up...except that I haven't got to talk to pretty much anyone from the Cup who has moved on and left and such, and that makes me sad...I miss you guys!! I also miss Yvonne...I haven't talked to her in way too freakin' long...maybe tomorrow will be my day of reestablished connections...

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Erika said...

I miss you Cass! I NEED to see you more often or I will die. When can we hang out? When, when, when??? I'm sorry I missed Eastbound night last week... I went to my grandparent's for dinner after I finished teaching violin on Friday and was all stoked to come later and then I puked my grandma's Norwegian pancakes everywhere, and it really sucked. How is it that I can eat out of a whole in the ground in Asia but when it comes to food in North America my stomach says "no"? Anyway, so I went home to bed.

You have my number, I have yours. I'm going to call it soon.

Oh yah! Congrats on moving!