I'm Only Happy When it Rains...

Well, that's not true, but I LOVE the rain!!! I don't know why, but I just do. Anyways...I may beable to achieve moksha and escape from samsara...I have an interview for cashier at Save-On-Foods today. Not the world's most glamourous job, but I'm pretty sure it pays better than Second Cup and I will finally be able to escape. I'm so FREAKIN' sick of Second Cup! I dislike this Cup ALMOST as much as I hate the old one...for totally different reasons though. It's so dead that time c r a w l s by, they don't clean ANYTHING, which is pretty gross, and most of the people there are pretty lazy, so when I come on shift, I spend the first few hours catching up and stocking stuff. The people there are clique-y in a bad way, and all a bit rich, spoiled and stuck up. Don't get me wrong, there's a couple of people that I just LOVE working with, but not enough to stick around. I dread going to work so much...I hope I get the job at Save-On, but my sister works there and gave a good recommendation, so I don't see why I wouldn't. I won't, however, take it if it means less money, because I am poor.

On an entirely separate note, I'm falling in love with the lead singer of Rammstein, even though he's like 37...yup...something about growling in German just gets me all hot and bothered...plus, he wears black eyeliner and bondage gear onstage, and has access to a flamethrower...heheh...I wonder if Russ would let me add him to the List...doubtful.

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Homie Bear said...

Which second cup anyways?